Professional Reading Program


All Meetings 9:15-11:00 a.m.
Home of Arlyce Black 303-795-8162

October 11, 2018 (Thurs.) Bringing Music to Life by Barry Green, GIA Publications, 2009

November 8 (Thurs) If I Understood You, Would I Have this Look on My Face? By Alan Alda, Random House, 2017

January 23, 2019 (Wednesday) Sound in Motion by David McGill. Indiana University Press, 2007

April 17, 2019 (Wednesday) The Musician’s Way by Gerard Klickstein. Oxford University Press, 2009

Everyone is welcome to attend, if you have not read the book, you will be inspired to read the selection of books.

Suggestions for getting the most out of the reading program:

  1. Start early—this summer! Reserve your first book at the library or order it from Amazon. 
  2. Invite someone to join you in a reading discussion, perhaps a book club through your local MTA. Or a friend who will also read and then discuss over coffee.
  3. Read with a pencil in hand. If you own the book, highlight ideas to use in your teaching.
  4. Write a one-page summary of the book with bullet points of the main ideas that impressed you and that you can use in your studio. Remember that writing a book summary can be used for points toward NCTM renewal.
  5. Apply new ideas as you and your students work on music from these composers.
  6. Share with me ways you have been and are being influenced by the great composers and how you bring them into your teaching. What are you learning from them
  7. Come to the 2019 Professional Reading Conference Workshop so that we can learn from each other!